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The most spectacular ice hotels in the world

The most spectacular ice hotels in the world!

I scheduled an unusual holiday? Ice hotels would be a perfect location for accommodation. See top 5 hottest hotels built each year.

Hotel de Glace, Canada
Ice Hotel is built each year, near the Canadian city of Quebec. more than 60 construction workers working on it. i use about 15,000 tons of snow and 500,000 tons of ice. Hotel Administration provides only 80 beds and baths are heated, but these are some separate structures. To stay one night in this hotel you have to pay $ 200.

Ice Hotel, Sweden
Ice Hotel is located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden Jukkasjarvi town. Each year, created each year by a team of international designers. Ice Hotel interior temperature is between -5 ° C to -8 ° C. Here, the price of a room varies between 400 and 800 dollars.

Ice Bar, various locations
There are bars made ​​of ice. They are in London, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Oslo or Stockholm. London, Breakfast bar has a constant temperature of -4 degrees. The bar was born from a collaboration Absolute and Ice Hotel, and therefore is a vodka bar.
In this unique location, everything, from drinks and ending with tables and chairs is made from crystal clear ice imported from the Torne River, located 200km from the Arctic Circle

Kirkenes Snow, Norway
The hotel is located in the eastern part of Norway, near the Russian-Norwegian border. A night at the ice hotel is combined with a dinner prepared at a bonfire, visitors can also get a sauna before or after staying at the hotel. There is also a reindeer park and a husky farm in the hotel.

Hotel Balea Lake, Romania
From Balea Lake Chalet was built three years ago in Fagaras mountains in Romania. The temperature inside the hotel ranges from -2 ° to + 2 ° C. The theme of this year the hotel is "ice sound", and the rooms have names in keeping with this theme: Jazz, Latin, Dance, Hip Hop, Chillout, Classical, House, Trance and Blues. The hotel will be open until April this year.

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Delicious dessert with ricotta

Delicious dessert with ricotta, strawberry wafers

If you're craving a delicious something without too many calories, you can prepare this dessert with ricotta, strawberry wafers.

50 g of Ricotta
50 ml cream 33-35%
100 g sugar
5-6 wafers
300 g strawberries (or any berries)
15-17 mint leaves

Wash strawberries and cut into cubes. Chop mint very finely. Mix strawberries and mint. Wafers are crushed. In a bowl beat cream with sugar well, then add the ricotta, all easily mix composition. The cups are arranged in layers of cream and ricotta mixture, then strawberries and mint, the third layer is cream and ricotta, then put crushed wafers and finished with cream and ricotta layer. Cups are given in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Garnish with strawberries and mint leaflet. Bon appetite!

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10 tips for bathing your cat to be a celebration

10 tips for bathing your cat to be a celebration

A pet cat is clean, but there are situations where your intervention in its hygiene is absolutely necessary. Here's what you do that it becomes a real pleasure.

Bathing your cat may seem an impossible task at first, especially when she is not accustomed to small habit. If until one year of age has not been touched by water, will be difficult to escape without scratches, noise and disturbance in the bathroom when you HAVE A washing operation.

So try to induce your cat's habit since the first months of life, so that after a while, become a ritual to accept it without much fuss.

But how can you turn your bathroom into a pleasant activity for the cat? Here are some tips:

1. If you get scared when her baby shower, avoid using him and replace him with a bowl to pour water on the fur easily. Be careful not to sprinkle on the face, not to like and you could spark a reaction from her aggressive!

2. Always check the water temperature before you get in contact with the skin the cat, it should not be hot, but warm.

3. Do not apply shampoo directly to the skin cold, the temperature difference will scare. Dilute it with water first.

4. Water Watch and ears, cats are extremely sensitive in this area and can easily develop infections. You can even them covered with a cotton ball each.

5. At the time the water, talk to him calmly stroking it and avoid brutal gestures. No rush to pour water on it, leave it slightly until it is customary with the environment and with ... what is going to happen.

6. If it gets overly agitated, call your support: spouse, children, friends, etc..

7. Do not fret utensils in front of it (shampoo, spray, etc..), Prepare them in advance and put them within reach.

8. Rinse them well fur, do not let it dry with traces of shampoo in it. It dries her skin and leaves you vulnerable to infection and parasites.

9. When you are done bathing, remove cat in a thick towel and wipe it dry. Then leave it alone to finalize the cleanliness and will continue to be toilet alone.

10. Finally, do not forget to praise and reward for being obedient and left you to take your business to finish.